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Radio Interviews:

Podcast December 30, 2008

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Stephen Rea guest on RTE Radio 1's The Abbey Style with Stephen Rea on October 2008. Click on logo to listen.

The Right Hook on Newstalk 106-108 fm, every weekday from 4.30pm - www.newstalk.ie
Stephen Rea on The Right Hook Show,
May 8, 2008

Stephen Rea guest on RTE Radio 1's Conversations with Eamon Dunphy on March 2007. Click on logo to listen.
Video Clips Online:

Stephen Rea and Ralph Fiennes on The View - End of the Affair


A "behind the scenes" look at the filming of Stuck with Stephen Rea

The Celtic Media Festival in Galway featured an opening interview with Stephen Rea on April 16, 2008.
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Opening Interview - Stephen Rea 16 Apr 08

Image courtesy bbc.co.uk
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On UK DVD 3.30.09

Stephen Rea, Kenneth Branagh, Toby Jones, Juliet Stevenson, Tom Conti and Art Malik starred in a series of short dramas featured on BBC Two. The series marks the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and tells several stories about the countdown to the invasion. Stephen Rea is featured in Episode 3, titled These Things are Always Chaos. It aired Wednesday March 12, 2008.


Image Courtesy firth.com

Celebration, Harold Pinter's final one-act play was shown in 2007 on British television More4. It focuses on two groups of diners at an expensive and trendy restaurant following a night at the theatre. At one table, an anniversary celebration is taking place. The men, who are brothers are also married to sisters, and have shadowy backgrounds, calling themselves 'strategy consultants.' At another table are a banker and his ditzy trophy wife. Floating between these tables are the restaurant's hosts and a chatty waiter (Stephen Rea) who name drops continually.

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Images courtesy of Firth.com and More4
View Celebration movie clip
AFI Dallas Interview - Stuck
Podge and Rodge
Season 12
Field Day Theatre

Stephen Rea learns Irish
BBC - Northern Ireland

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,
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The short film:
Fluent Dysphasia:

The 16 minute short comedy film, Fluent Dysphasia (2004), stars Stephen Rea as a man who wakes up only to realize he cannot speak a word of English, but instead speaks fluent Irish.
Professional Foul
Online interviews:

Online Article:

Music a 'shining light' in dark times


Online Article:

Time and place: Stephen Rea


Online Article:

Stephen Rea discusses his new film, low-budget thriller 'Stuck'


Online Article:

Brian Friel: A Dramatic Life


Online Article:

Stephen Rea: I want to be a luddite


Online Article:

Rea still revels in risk-taking


Online interview: Stephen Rea: The Acting Game

from moviescopemag.com


From Entertainment.timesonline.co.uk 8/30/08:
"Of course, that might also be one of the evils of web misinformation. And I mean evil. The question about Purple America already has him suspicious, and when I ask him if, as one internet fount of untruths currently has it, he was born Graham Rea, he finally sees red. “No, no, no,” he moans. “It’s untrue. I have no idea where these things come from. They say I went to a school I didn’t go to, they say I have a daughter – I haven’t got a daughter. Where does this stuff come from?'"


Stephen Rea on Stuck Interview

Houston Chronicle interview


October 2008

Devil's Mercy is now available on DVD

December 2007

The new film, Devil's Mercy just completed filming in Canada and is now in post production. The film has been acquired by global entertainment giant Peace Arch for distribution. Starring Stephen Rea and Deborah Valente (Resident Evil: Apocalypse), Animal 2), Devil's Mercy is a story about a couple and their six-year-old son who move into an old Connecticut house where the boy soon becomes distraught with thoughts of monsters dwelling in the attic. When their friends and guests abruptly go missing or die mysteriously, it becomes a race against time as the family's lives are in peril. The film is directed by Melanie Orr, written by James McLean, produced by Robert Wilson, and executive produced by Lewin Webb, Kate Harrison, Jacqueline Kelly, Barbara Sacks and Emlyn J. David.

May 2008
This film was featured at the 2008 Cannes Film festival.

View the trailer

Read the Fangoria review
Also, for an interview with Rea on all of his work in the realms of horror and dark fantasy, see Fangoria #275, on sale in July, 2008.
Magazine Articles


Fangoria #274

June 2008



Fangoria #275

August 2008


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