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Stephen Rea's Latest Films and Projects
Site Update 11.30.11

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Stephen Rea to appear at Rome's Irish Film Festival December 3.


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Underworld Awakening starring Stephen Rea and Kate Beckinsale is set for release January 2012.

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Blackthorn is available on DVD December 20


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More on Stephen Rea's recent movies and projects:
styria castle   ages of the moon
As Dr. Hill (2011) As Seamus (2011) Ages of the Moon (2010)
Off-Broadway at Atlantic Theatre Company's Linda Gross Theatre.
nothing personal website  
As Callum Donovan in the U.S. television series Law and Order SVU (2009)
As Martin in
Nothing Personal (2009)
As the priest in
Ondine (2009)


Please be cautious of people online claiming to be Stephen Rea on the various networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, etc. or various message boards.
These sites and postings are likely by someone pretending to be Stephen Rea.

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